Operational Board


  • Laurent Verrier Social Media Marketing
    CEO Founder and board member of One9Ninety Pte Ltd, Maxenco Pte Ltd and board member of Magma Studios Pte Ltd.
  • Ross Anderson Creative Content
    CEO and Founder of Nice and Polite Ltd.
  • Aaghir Yadav Brand Activation
    Board member of Creative Insurgence Pte Ltd, Vanilla Luxury Pte Ltd and Biggest Baddest Parties Pte Ltd.
  • Chris Reed LinkedIn Marketing
    CEO and founder of Black Marketing Pte Ltd and All Black Ventures Pte Ltd.
  • Edward Sedgley Digital Lead Generation Agency
    Founder of Lead Generation Company
  • Marianne McKenzie Media Agency
    CEO and Founder of Rainmakers
  • Andrius Pocius Performance Marketing Consultancy
    Co-Founder of Clickverta
  • Jon Beattie Digital Product Development Agency
    CEO and Founder of Marker Studios Limited
  • Jerome Joseph Brand Consultancy
    CEO and Founder of The Brand Theatre
  • Mikey Taylor Advertising Services
    CEO and Founder of Channelzero
  • Pietro Ranieri PR and Social Media
    CEO and Founder of Ranieri
  • Jacquelyn Fast Strategic Sponsorship Sales
    CEO and Founder of Slingshot Sponsorship
  • Lionel Lim Advertising Activities
    CEO and Co-Founder of Addiction Advertising