TMG as an Investment


TMG as an Investment

The global marketing and advertising industry is large and fast evolving, driven by demand for digital, online and mobile strategies that offer more personalised customer engagement.  The skill sets and specialised capabilities needed in this new digital marketplace are frequently not found in large ad agencies or media buying firms, but in the many small, private, cutting-edge agencies that make up much of the marketing and advertising industry globally.

It is within this highly fragmented market environment that The Marketing Group has been established to provide a publicly-listed platform for specialised agencies to group together to consolidate their balance sheet, achieve scale, share liquidity and to collaborate to win larger and more diverse client contracts.

The Marketing Group offers investors a platform through which to invest in a growing portfolio of profitable, debt-free marketing and advertising businesses that are benefiting from the transformative potential of digital media and providing best-in-class services to their clients.  

The group is growing quickly through the use of its publicly-traded stock to acquire new high quality, fast growth agencies that increase earnings-per-share (EPS) and boost shareholder value through the private value/public value difference. Additional shareholder value is created due to the many benefits to each subsidiary business of being part of a larger company.  

Since all of The Marketing Group’s subsidiaries are profitable it has positive cash flow and aims to issue a high proportion of retained profits as dividends to shareholders.